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Good Neighbour and Trustworthy Investor

In 2012, the Polish Copper Foundation spent over PLN 15.m on supporting 83 educational and research projects.





The Foundation offers financial assistance to the most talented students of sciences by sponsoring numerous competitions and awards. A good example is funding money awards for the best theses on underground mining written by the graduates of the Mining Engineering and Geology Department in the academic year 2011/2012. The donations awarded by the Foundation in 2012 helped to organise a number of valuable conferences, workshops and training events and publish scientific books and manuals.


A significant part of the donated money was used to finance holiday for children and youth. Unforgettable summer and winter camps and daily activities are organised by the local branches of the Children’s Friends Society and the Polish Scouting and Guiding Association, youth centres, NGOs, children’s homes and church parishes. In 2012, the Foundation donated over PLN 200,000 for the organised holidays for children and youth from the entire country and, in particular, from the Copper Basin (Legnica, Lubin, Głogów, Złotoryja, Ścinawa).


As part of its statutory activities, the Foundation co-sponsored a TV quiz called ‘Motoklasa’ for gymnasium students from Lower Silesia. Other educational initiatives in 2012 included co-financing (PLN 100,000) of a post-graduate course “Cultural Heritage Management” offered by the Wrocław University and donations of the total value of PLN 500,000 for the purpose of buying teaching aids and educational equipment for schools and other educational institutions from all over Poland.


The Polish Copper Foundation is also engaged in promotion of physical activity and sports among children and young people. The Foundation supports various initiatives in the field of sports and physical fitness undertaken by the local and regional institutions and organisations. In 2012, the donation of over PLN 1.6m helped to finance numerous sports training events, tournaments and competitions and modernise sports facilities. In 2012, Zagłębie Lubin S.A. soccer club , Zagłębie Municipal Sports Club in Lubin, the Chrobry Handball Association in Głogów and Siódemka Junior Handball Association in Legnica each received a donation of PLN 100,000 . The money was intended to support the training of children and young players and organisation of competitions and sports camps for junior teams. The Foundation also co-financed upgrading of the sports field in Obora (PLN 200,000) and the project of building a skate park in Legnica (PLN 250,000).




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